Our goal: Pedia = EDUCATION

It is the acquisition and true sharing of knowledge that interests us, what we can explain and what we can share, as well to transform, magnify, multiply…

We are a COMMUNITY, a group of people who share the same passion: SAKE.

From the four corners of the globe, our curiosity makes us to want to throw open the doors of nihonshu, to better understand the world of sake as well as the immensely complex culture of Japan.


We want to share a thousand pieces of information on a wide variety of subjects: raw materials, production equipment, elaboration processes, aging potential, different styles, conservation and service, the state of the world market, and philosophy.

You will find useful information for all types of professionals in the sector of sake, wine and other beverages: sommeliers, chefs, restaurateurs, sake producers, bartenders and mixologists, importers, distributors, wine merchants, bloggers, columnists and journalists.

Points of view from different cultures: Japanese, North American, Spanish, English, French proposed in various forms: written reports, video capsules, videoconferences, live masterclasses, photo reports. 

Through SakePedia, we intend to actively take part in the knowledge and recognition of sake culture. "r-Evolution."


A new database to allow you to increase your knowledge, debate, share and find answers to your thousand and one questions about sake - and generate a thousand more questions!

There are four sub-categories in this chapter:

1 - Process
Learn all the latest cutting-edge details about the mystery surrounding the making of sake. Enter the secret universe of kuras (sake breweries) and discover details not found in books. Koji, Moromi, Shubo, Kimoto, Kyokai, Fune, Genshu: none of these words will no longer be foreign to you.

2 - Philosophy
Our perspective on the general and fundamental aspects of sake: interrogations, critical discussions, rational arguments, and systemic presentations to deepen the subject and to try to bring a fresh approach – which will continually evolve. Some articles might well contradict others. They will be neither right nor wrong, but rather offer different perspectives. Ours will provide an analysis coming from cultures foreign to Japan, but generated by the privileged access we have to the Tanaka 1789 brewery, 230-year-old stories, as well as to the craftsmanship of the team in place that perpetuates the passing on of traditions.

The idea is also that your opinions and experiences can allow you to go your own way and draw your conclusions. "r-Evolution..."

3 - Testimony
We are the sum of our experiences, so everyone, we hope, can enrich the discussion. If we are to become a true community, we must share these experiences. Leading players in the sake industry will offer you their perspectives.

4 - History
In 1980, a new era of progress and evolution began for sake and has been getting better ever since. But to understand the present, you must know the rich history of sake, understand its evolution, and be aware of the latest news.

"r-Evolution ..."

Now is the time to have a glass or an ochoko and start filling it to the brim with… knowledge!

Thank you for being part of our community,

François CHARTIER and Nicolas ROCHÉ