There is no lack of reasons to uncork (or uncover, in this case) a large bottle, as this year's end approaches: the simple desire for a merry Christmas, for a better year 2021 for everyone, or, why not, for a probable end of the world, which can also be...

The most original sake
In any case, since it is a matter of choosing a good drink to wish for anything... a magnificent sake can be a good alternative, as well as original. And if you want to choose the most original and iconoclastic sake, here is the one created by François Chartier, the Canadian sommelier -author of the wonderful Papillas y Moléculas, the acclaimed book on molecular harmonies- together with the Master (toji - Morikawa San) of Tanaka Sake Brewery, an old house founded in Miyagi in 1789.

Traditional Japanese drink
Between them they have created a line of new styles of sake with the idea of fusing the universes of sake and white wine, without perverting the soul of the traditional Japanese drink.

Blend 001, which is the one we are dealing with here, is, according to the notes of its importer, the great expert Pablo Alomar, "a bipolar sake since it manages to look like a ginjo-ka (aromatic) sake with aniseed and basil notes in the nose, but in the mouth it has the structure and power of a junmai-shu, with good acidity, but well compensated, being dense and creamy with a very long and elegant finish".

Thus, the reminiscences to the wine are evident: "It has aromatic similarities to a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire and the texture of a Chardonnay from Burgundy. It is ideal to accompany fresh and aromatic dishes as well as creamy and strong. And it's fun to taste at different temperatures.

It will not be for another thing that this vintage sake (2018), that responds to the category Junmai Tokubetsu Kimoto Yamahai Nama Zume, has seduced the best sommeliers to be available in great Spanish restaurants like Abac, Alkimia, Cocina Torres, Disfrutar and Dos Palillos, while in Japan it is enjoyed in the tables of Araya Totoan, Mitani, Ochiairo, Ogata and Sushi M.

To say goodbye this year with these sensations, is an unpayable, molecular and unpredictable journey, which we have to thank Monsieur Chartier and the centenary house Tanaka.

Arigato and merci!