Amazing comments on Tanaka 1789 X Chartier sake from Yoshinobu Kimura, head sommelier and co-owner of Sushi m restaurant, in Tokyo, Japan (ex head sommelier for ten years at Narisawa restaurant, 2 Michelin stars, #1 restaurant in Japan, 2nd Best Restaurant in Asia and 9th Best in the world)

"...It is a passion, tradition, imagination. Mr. Chartier opened a new door for a new sake world. You realize how sexy, delicate and dazzling this sake is. The first sip gives you lively and racy acidity, but complex. The flavors have a beautiful combination with lychee, fresh mint and licorice and keep showing up new flavors one after another. Flawlessly, Mr. Chartier did not forget to design a body of sake. The body has a lush, silky and intense backbone. He leads you to explore and sense Japanese seasonality with “TANAKA 1789 × Chartier”. Finally, Chartier became a mediator between the wine and sake industries..."

Yoshinobu Kimura, sommelier and co-owner of Sushi m restaurant, Tokyo.